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Promises Promises, extra resources to go deeper.

If you want to take the message from Sunday deeper through investigating just what were these promises made to Israel, you can use the links below.

1.  Here is the message I preached

2.  Here is a lecture by Dr Chuck Missler on Romans 9 that outlines the 10 blessings mentioned by Paul

3.  Here is an article by Dr H.A.  Ironside

Who is Jesus – Part 3 – Mark 7-9

A word by Word examination of the Gospel of Mark using multimedia, animation, drama, dramatic reading and other stuff…  Click the link to see this weeks message.

Who is Jesus – Part 2 – Mark 4-6 (Improved quality from Sunday !)

Who is Jesus Promo

Click the link below to see this weeks presentation.

Worth Noting, we have included the excellent discussion and points made by members of the congregation on the conclusion of the video.


Sundays Message – “Who is Jesus” part 1

An exploration of who Jesus is, through a multi-media investigation of the gospel of mark.

The Workplace Gospel – sunday’s message

Click the link below to go to Sunday’s message “The Workplace Gospel” based on 1 John 3 and John 15:13.

The Workplace Gospel – sunday’s message

Sunday’s Message – “Not an Optional Extra !”

Now Available.