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Recent testimony From Ravi Zaccharias.

A little snippet of history will bless you. In one of the churches in Shanghai, which was just crowded with people, the pastor told us, “I don’t know why during the Cultural Revolution this church building was not destroyed. But it still stands nearly a hundred years after it was built.We have many baptismal services in the church. A few years ago the pastor at that time said he wished we could do baptisms in the church rather than always seeking a different venue. An elderly woman here remembered that, as a little girl she saw many people being baptized in the church. So they began a search from floor to floor, looking for a baptistry and sure enough, they were thrilled when they found it. Now, we average about six baptisms a week.”

On hearing that, I just paused to thank the Lord for the ways in which He does what He does, and reminds us that stones do still speak of his work across time. If stones can do that, how much more must we speak at such a time as this. Here at RZIM we will continue to speak, write, and represent the powerful message of the gospel.

What to Say to someone who says Jesus wasn’t a real person…

What to Say to someone who says Jesus wasn’t a real person…

An excellent explanation of the historic evidence for Jesus by Tim Keller, author and pastor of Redeemer Church.

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Christian News: Issues relating to your faith.

Christian News: Issues relating to your faith.

The link above provides access to “Salt Shakers”, a christian advocacy group that is working towards maintaining Christian Values in places of Government and the public.

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Jesus is…

What do you know of Jesus ?
Focus on Him – “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you” James 4:8

Does God care about your happiness ?

Ravi Zaccharias from RZIM answers a tough question that many want answered.

Do you live for Christ in your work ?


Try this:

1.  What is your vocation.

2.  How is your work “Good”, that is, fulfils God’s mandate “for 6 days you shall work…” (What will it look like after Christ returns ? )

3.  How has the world “Warped” your work ? (How has sin effected your workplace / or work ?)

4.  How can you help to bring Healing in your workplace, as you seek first the kingdom of God ?

5.  How can you share God’s big story naturally in your work place ?


A simple thankyou …

Did you realise that simply by coming on Sunday, you were part of an impact on our community ? On Thursday, BBC will provide Breakfast for the teachers and staff of ERSS, saying thank you for the contribution they make to the children of our area.  Each staff has a hand written thoughtful card of thanks.  Each of these cards are a drop in the bucket of a witness in our world.  To those who came, unsure of what you were going to do ? Thank you for helping out.  This Thankyou breakfast is part of the N.D.O.T and Chappy Week.