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Are you living a questionable life… It could be a good thing.

By Michael Frost.

In his new eBook with Exponential, The 5 Habits of Highly Missional People: Taking the BELLS Challenge to Fulfill the Mission of God, internationally recognized missiologist, author and Exponential East 2014 speaker Michael Frost fleshes out five habits and practices (BELLS: Bless, Eat, Listen, Learn, Sent) for actually living missional lives. In the article below, Frost focuses on habit No. 2 in his BELLS acrostic: Eat.
Since the beginning of the Christian movement, eating has been a central Christian practice. And not only eating sacramentally, as in the Eucharist, but eating missionally as a way to express love to all.

In every culture, the invitation to share a table is a profoundly meaningful one. The table is the great equalizer in relationships. When we eat together, we discover the inherent humanity of all people. We share stories. And hopes. And fears. And disappointments. People open up to each other. And we can open up to them to share the same things, including our faith in Jesus.

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Body Life at BBC – Eric Hovind

a number of people have been listening to Eric Hovind speak on the connection and disconnection between science and religion, and the apparent need to keep the two separate.

Rooftop Strategy for Evangelism

Dennis Pethers explains a 3 step approach to sharing faith with others Encounter, engage and expand.
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