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I have come that you may have LIFE …

On Sunday, BBC jumped on busses (provided by Mackay PCYC) and emptied out at the whalebones at Forgan Bridge.  The leaders believed that Jesus had challenged us to put our own preferences and desires for Sunday Worship aside and to go to where the hurting people are.

Sunday 10 September was the Survivors of Suicide – suicide prevention walk. The event raises awareness and allows people to identify with the many Mackay residents who have been effected by suicide.

30 or so BBC’ers, met, walked, talked with  and prayed for the 200 or so people who participated in the walk.

Isaiah 1:17 tells us to “Learn to do good;  seek justice, reprove the ruthless, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.

The lord has opened opportunities for us to connect with some of the most hurting in our city.  Where will it lead ? we don’t know, but what we do know is this… to obey is better than sacrifice.  Thanks for stepping out with us. Please pray for the Lord to continue to use us in the lives of these people and our community.


suicide prevention walk


BBC Holiday Service Times



School holiday service times are:

9:30 – Fellowship

10:00 Worship

No body life of Sunday Kidz during the school holidays.

There will be special children’s talks included in the service.


Christian Sudanese Woman facing the death penalty (update)

Koinonia Institute has recently published this update on the Sudanese woman Miriam who was sentenced to death for being a Christian.

Please click the link.

Christian Sudanese Woman Faces Death Penalty – eNews for June 10, 2014


“Why people of faith can embrace the new Noah film”

Below is a link to an interview with the “Biblical Consultant” on the new Noah movie, which may inform your choices regarding the film.

He writes…

“I will confess, when the studio first approached me about consulting on the project I had mixed emotions, weighing my caution of Hollywood’s ability to take liberties with stories and values against my standard for good theology and a healthy presentation of Bible stories, theology and mission. Paramount was adamant about having a practical, integrated adviser in the process from start to finish, which impressed (and surprised) me.’ Click here to read the full article in which John Snowden, the Biblical Consultant to filmmakers on NOAH, discusses why people of faith can embrace the film. ”

NOAH releases nationally next Thursday – 27th March.

Article supplied by Heritage Films Australia.

7 Ways You Can Help People Welcome You Into Their Church

7 Ways You Can Help People Welcome You Into Their Church.

7 Ways You Can Help People Welcome You Into Their Church


Starting at a new church is undoubtedly tough, but there are definitely challenges on both sides.

No one doubts the importance of being a welcoming church, but what about being an easily ‘welcomable’ person?

Here are a few things that really make it easier for a church to embrace you!

  1. Come consistently. If someone sees you several weeks in a row, they’ll start to realize that you’re serious about connecting.
  2. Don’t leave as soon as the service ends.  If you want people to be welcoming, you need to be available.
  3. Say yes to invites. People who say no give the vibe that they’re not interested. It can be nerve-wracking for someone to extend an invitation to someone they don’t know. Getting a no can feel like rejection and makes them less inclined to ask again.
  4. Join a small group or Bible study. This is how people in big churches get to know each other. If you’re not in one, don’t be surprised if you feel out of the loop.
  5. Get involved in ministry. This is one of the best ways for you to connect with people and sends a message that you’re actually planning to stick around
  6. Make yourself known! There’s nothing wrong with going up to someone and letting them know you’re new. Especially in a big church, people can be afraid to ask in case you’ve been coming for a long time!
  7. Realize that good friendships take time to cultivate.