3 Verbs We Must Encourage when we worship.

By Doug Lawrence

Here’s the A list!

ACTIVATE your body!

Passive worshippers are not worshipping so much as they are simply observing others do all the work.

Some churches give opportunity to bow, cross and kneel in the presence of God. Others clap, yell and even dance before the Lord.

A church that doesn’t, in some way, invite physical expression is violating the “call and response” code … the one where YOU share in the richness of dialogue with your Creator.

APPLY yourself to receiving!

The design of worship should allow for people to place themselves directly in the path of spiritual blessing. Whether that blessing comes in the form of music, inspired teaching or profound emotion, we are to receive from God deep inner experiences of longing, hope and grace.

People who don’t want to receive anything in church should stay at home and read a good book. Worship is the place to receive assurance, pardon, joy and any number of other gifts that are part of being in corporate obedience.

ACCEPT the responsibility to do something!

If nothing comes of the worship in which we participate, then it is futile to engage in it. Every experience of the presence of God should send us out, not in.

Almost all preachers become preachers because they sensed a stirring toward that call while attending a service where the challenge was laid before them.

But preachers aren’t the only ones who are challenged by meaningful worship. Many people, of almost every profession, are frequently summoned to duty because of a service of worship “fleece throw.”

Befriending and having relationship with doctors, attorneys, teachers and people from all walks of life has convinced me that there are many ways to serve God that have nothing to do with some formulaic clerical calling.

Worship is more than church, or at least it should be. If we mistake the act of worship with a building, a liturgy or a certain style, we have missed the point of why it exists.

If, as the recent studies by Pew and Barna indicate, the Church, is in decline, does it indicate that we have lost our way with regard to our worship practices?

It would be a stretch to assume that’s the cause, but it should be noted that many people have ceased going to church because they can’t see the point of it.

That, friends, may be our fault.

It’s an old ecclesiastical shoe, but let’s kick it one more time. If our worship services have become largely entertaining, then we may have set ourselves up for failure.

Good grief, let’s give people something to do!


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