From the Baptist Word Aid appeal for the Phillipines after Typhoon Haiyan…

BWA Philippines Appeal

This is an update I have received from Andy Coller – Church Relationship Coordinator for Baptist World Air regarding the latest news on Typhoon Haiyan support in the Philippines.

•             This is an extreme event with a huge amount of suffering that has resulted from the Typhoon.  Our prayers are with the families and communities affected.

•             Over 13.2 million people are affected, of whom over 4.4 million people are displaced from their homes, according to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

•             Phone networks have been restored in 85 per cent of 419 municipalities in the three worst-affected regions of Central, Eastern and Western Visayas. Electricity is improving but remains unavailable in some areas of Eastern Visayas region.

•             Infrastructure damage is severe. Over 1 million houses are damaged or destroyed. An initial rapid assessment estimates that 80 to 90 per cent of schools in Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo provinces in Western Visayas are damaged or destroyed.

•             All municipalities in Leyte province are now accessible. In addition, 146 roads have been repaired and cleared of debris in Mimaropa, Bicol and Eastern, Central and Western Visayas regions.

•             Baptist World Aid Australia is working through a number of partner agencies: SAO Philippines, who operate our Child Sponsorship program; Asia Pacific Baptist Aid (APBAid) is working with the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches; and with Integral Alliance Partnerships.

•             All these partners are currently supplying aid to affected areas: shelter, food, water, and sanitation. Funding priorities continue to evolve as the situation changes.

•             Planning is also underway for the rebuilding/recovery phase. Some of your donations will be directed here as well.

As of this morning, total donations received from across Australia to the Baptist World Aid appeal is $502,000. Queensland has contributed $106,000 of that.

It is still not too late to assist!  For further information, or on-line access to make donations, click here to be linked to the BWA web site.

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