Syria – Persecution of Christians – SIGN petition / ACTION needed

With continuing persecution of Christians in Syria by Islamic militants,hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled the country. Others are struggling under persecution in Syria.

We often ask ‘What can I do?” As well as praying, here are things you can DO! 

… a petition, and contacting our federal MPs and Senators.

Leaders of the church in Syria are asking for our help. Barnabas Fund, which supports persecuted Christians around the world and is led by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, has launched a petition seeking immediate help from other nations – specifically recognition of the problems they are facing, for humanitarian help and to “Work towards and support only those outcomes in Syria that allow freedom, equality and justice for all without discrimination, recognising that core human rights including freedom of religion and belief are the only basis for a stable society.”

Click here for MORE information on the Barnabas Fund website about the situation and the petition and to view/print the petition.
To obtain the petition document – click here. Please print and copy it.

Although the petition is open until December 31, it is important that signatures are collected quickly so that prompt action can be generated. Send completed petition forms to

Barnabas Fund Australia, PO BOX 3527, Loganholme, QLD 4129

Barnabas Fund quotes four Christian leaders from Syria. One of them, Dr Jany Haddad, senior Baptist church leader in Syria, writes, “On behalf of my community and all Christian societies in Syria, we urge Western authorities to take the measures necessary to protect our Christian civilians in the country. We ask them to shift their thoughts towards increasing financial support to our Christian societies and communities because of their dire need at this time. We ask your governments sincerely and seriously to take into account the plight of our Christian societies and communities in Syria and continue your support to hundreds of thousands of Christian refugees here and beyond the borders.”

Dr Jany Haddad, senior Baptist church leader in Syria, is Professor of Surgery, Founder and President of the Armenian Christian Medical Association, Founder and President of Living Hope for Families ministries.

Contacting the Prime Minister, your federal MPs and Senators…

As well as printing off the petition and collecting signatures it is important that you contact your federal MPs and the Prime Minister expressing your concern and asking them to take action. Use the wording in the petition for ideas of what to write…

– Click here for federal MP and Senators contact details.
Or use the Australian Family Association’s tool to make it easier!

– Click here to send a message to the Prime Minister Tony Abbott
or send a printed hard copy letter to
The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP

Prime Minister
Parliament House

Jenny Stokes
Research Director
Salt Shakers
a: PO Box 6049, Wantirna, Victoria, 3152
p: (03) 9729 8720
f: (03) 9729 6609
m: 0413 084 145

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