A tale of two fish. “What happens when society teaches its young people that atheism is ‘science’?”

What in the world is going on?

When travelling and presenting at churches, CMI speakers explain why the creation issue is so important for Christians. They often present information about the loss of young people from churches and their belief in moral relativism. Many times, older congregants seem dumbfounded by the loss of morality and Christian ethics in western society. Confronted with statistics such as two thirds (more in many cases) of our ‘churched’ young people falling away, many seem flabbergasted at the extent and rapidity of our cultures abandonment of Christianity.

Some of the older people know this only too well, as their own children are examples. Some entered University and returned home to their parents as atheists, bitter and hostile to their once-professed faith. Speakers often see parents ‘tearing up’ as they recount their own stories of experiencing first hand the reality of what was explained in the talk. It is as if some unseen yet unimaginably powerful force has turned the table on the church and its influence.

Many of these parents want to do something, at least for the next generation

More of the Article here…


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